WaDE is governed by the WSWC’s Water Information and Data Subcommittee (WIDS), comprised of members within WSWC that have a strong interest in how data are used to make water resource management decisions. To address different facets of the WaDE effort, the WIDS subcommittee assisted in convening four workgroups:

WIDS meets semi-annually to discuss the future direction of WaDE, and to plan Water Information Management Symposium (WIMS) topics and needs. WIMS meetings are intended to address the special needs of water information regarding data management, reporting, data-gathering, quality control, and data publication.

Please check out the WaDE News and Events webpage for more information about WaDE workgroup meetings, WIDS, WIMS, and other events that address open water data issues.


Multi-state collaborative partnerships were formed early on to coordinate activities and to provide additional resources to states who needed them.