The WaDE Community is made up of WSWC member states and agencies, as well as the users who access data through WaDE. This map shows the current status of the states sharing data in WaDE. We will be connecting users with state agency data providers as much as possible via these forums, and also allow users to provide feedback to guide the next iteration.

Explore a number of discussion topics in our WaDE user forum. Registration and log in is required to post or reply to other users.

News and Community

A forum for posting news, conferences, events, and any other interesting tidbits about “open water data”


Requests for Data Providers

A forum to allow data users to connect with and make requests of the data providers.


WaDE Requests

A forum for providing feedback and requesting changes/updates for the technical framework for WaDE (e.g. data elements, formats, interface, etc.).



We are grateful to work with such amazing partners within the states. Thank you for sharing your data.